50 German office buildings now connected to ECN managed digital network

22 March 2018

Executive Channel Deutschland (ECN), Europe’s leading workplace media communications specialist, has successfully installed its digital content system in a 50th office building in Germany: “rwi4″, at Völklinger Strasse 4 in Dusseldorf.

Following successful rollouts in London and Paris, ECN’s German, rollout is the company’s fastest, with the 50 office buildings in the top 5 cities (Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin) now relying on ECN’s managed digital network..

New clients in the real estate sector benefiting from ECN’s latest installations include Commerz Real, PATRIZIA Immobilien, LaSalle Investment Management, La Française Real Estate
Partners International and M7 Real Estate. The company’s collaboration with Swiss Life REIM/Corpus Sireo and KGAL has been further expanded.

ECN 50 buildings image

The latest buildings connected to ECN’s managed digital network include:

  • Eurotheum (Frankfurt)
  • Two Towers (Berlin)
  • D.O.C.K. (Dusseldorf)
  • Atrium (Munich)
  • Neuer Dovenhof (Hamburg).

ECN enhances the workplace experience by helping property partners create more asset value, thereby attracting and retaining corporate occupiers.  Importantly, ECN’s solution requires neither investment nor any maintenance or operating costs by the landlord. ECN provides property owners with a mix of current news and the opportunity to use the installed screens as their own information channel: and as an additional means for marketing and brand establishment.

Christian Praulich, ECN Germany’s Director Real Estate, comments: ‘”ECN’s global workplace study highlighted the importance of building amenities in attracting and retaining workplace talent, and smart property owners/managers are now placing digital building communication at the heart of their building as a service offering.   The “Connected Building” is a hot topic in commercial real estate and asset managers appreciate that ECN’s managed digital network saves time, money and makes it so easy to communicate building content, on a daily basis,  “

ECN plans to carry out 25 further installations in Germany by the middle of the year.